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Hybridized Solar-Wind Energy To Power Rural Homes

Power outages and inconsistent energy supply can be a common occurrence for those living in rural areas. A hybrid solar-wind energy system may be the forward for you.

This is unreliable experience is the life of many rural dwellers who have to contend with intermittent power supply for their homes. Using energy sources such as the sun and wind helps to enhance energy sustainability.

You’ll find that a hybridized solar-wind energy system is the right solution for most rural dwellers. It will cater to your energy needs while simultaneously give you access to clean, free green renewable energy. In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What is hybridized solar-wind energy?
  • Why hybridized solar-wind energy is best for rural homes
  • Outline what is involved in installing a hybridized solar-wind energy system
  • Explore possible obstacles to hybridized solar-wind energy for rural homes

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What is hybridized solar-wind energy?

This is a combination of wind and solar to generate power.

A hybridized solar-wind system is designed using small wind turbine generators and solar panels to generate electric energy used to power homes. The solar panels & wind turbines generates direct current power which is stored in external batteries. The house then consumes energy from these batteries or excess energy is sold back into the electricity grid.

Fig. A representation of a hybridized solar-wind energy generation system

Is a Hybridized Solar-Wind Energy System Best for Rural Homes?

You might be wondering why electricity and other types of energy can’t be made sufficiently available for everyone. Or, maybe, this is what is so unique about hybridized solar wind energy and why it’s so ideal for rural dwellers.

Perhaps, we can start by dissecting the life of a rural person. A majority of rural dwellers are farmers and finding a reliable source of energy is important to fuel household equipment, operations, and preserving their produce. Since electricity is quite unreliable a hybridized solar-wind energy becomes crucial.

How unique then is hybridized solar-wind energy? With the hybridized solar-wind energy, solar energy is available during the day while wind energy can be tapped any time based on the weather conditions.

This does not mean that the solar energy under the hybrid system is unreliable. You remember the storage batteries? Yes, they can be used to store energy which can be applied when the sunlight is unavailable.

In the worst case scenario, where the sunlight is unavailable and the stored energy is depleted, wind power can be harnessed and used. Unless someone is really in an area with no flow of wind, (which is peculiar in nature), they are assured of a regular supply of energy.

Not yet convinced? Reliability is not only the advantage of using a hybridized solar-wind energy.

This form of energy is inexhaustible, renewable, and environmentally friendly. No one can have complete monopoly of wind and solar energy. Despite the number of rural dwellers using the hybridized solar-wind energy, everyone is assured of the supply as long as the system is working.

Low velocity wind will equally generate energy. Wondering how? The wind aero generator is placed on a tower, ideally a minimum of 18 meters from the ground level to enable it tap wind at high speed. Even low velocity wind is enough to generate power under the system.

This means that rural homes are almost guaranteed a power supply any time of the day and night. Such consistent energy can really improve the quality of life of those living in rural areas.

How To Install A Hybridized Solar-Wind Energy System In A Rural Home?

Well, much of the requirements for installing a hybridized solar-wind energy are less technical and can easily be achieved by the average person.

Have a residential area with an ideal layout for a solar array and installation of a wind turbine? Then hybridized solar-wind is the right solution for your energy needs. However, it is always recommended that if the home does not get enough sunlight or wind, it is not ideal for installing a hybrid system.

Check the average wind speed in your local area and solar map.

In case a homeowner is unsure whether their homestead receives adequate sunlight or wind, they can consult an energy expert who can use a wind resource map or measurement system to determine the viability.

Need to check roof condition? Yes, this is another factor to consider when installing the hybridized solar-wind energy system. The roof needs to be in good condition with strong materials. A rule of thumb is that it should not be more than 10 years old.

If planning to put the solar panels on the ground rather than roof, one must ensure there is adequate flat and unshaded terrain. A ground with limited or no tree coverage would be preferable.

Obstacles To Using Hybridized Solar-Wind Energy By Rural Homes?

Well, this question can be debated. To be realistic, there are hindrances although not sufficient to deter the use of hybridized solar-wind energy to provide energy to rural dwellers.

Have you ever come across the noise made by power generators? This is perhaps one of the challenges you will have to contend with. A rural person residing in a highly populated area may have problems with the local association due to the noise that comes from the turbines when they spin.

Here a list of top 5 silent wind turbines.

Or, perhaps, you like a decluttered home where only a few and necessary installations can be seen. Installing hybridized solar-wind energy changes the way a homestead looks. Passersby will see a row of solar panels and wind turbines on your roof and homestead which may reduce its aesthetic appeal.

Well, cost is another issue for the rural dwellers with an unreliable source of income. They are expensive to install and maintain. However, they clearly pay back over time.

Depending on the systems used, the cost of wind turbine, permits, fees, wiring, batteries, and power inverters may “burn” a small scale rural dweller with limited applications of the power.

Also, the owner may have to put up with regular maintenance issues of the wind turbine blades.

Way forward?

As a rural dweller, you will be saving yourself the hassles of unreliable power if you use hybridized solar-wind energy.

You’ll be truly environmentally friendly and over a long enough period you’ll actually be saving money.

By meeting the necessary requirements, you can always find ways of managing costs involved in installation and maintaining the system.

So a hybrid solar-wind system is likely the perfect fit for most rural homes.

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