MAKEMU Energy Mini Micro Home Vertical axis Wind Turbine Power Generator 500/750 /1000 W Small Domestic Mill Darrieus… Price: $1,100 (as of 29/01/2023 00:22 PST- Details)

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Producing clean and free energy with the wind 365 days a year, day and night, summer and winter – the domestic wind power plant has peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from the great wind power plant: limited powers, reduced space, quietness, importance of the aesthetic factor. That’s why, for home use, nothing is more appropriate than vertical axis wind turbines: because they capture the wind from all directions they do not need orientation; they have a compact size; they are beautiful and elegant; they are quiet! Also available in 6-blade version (6 vertical blades DARRIEUS/ 6 horizontal blades SAVONIUS), which allows you to capture twice the wind in the same volume unit by doubling the power.

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A) BASIC configuration: M28 (rotor 3 blades) + M12 (alternator).NO pole!
B) PLUS configuration: DOMUS BASIC + M36 (rectifier) + M40 (pole 85 cm)
C) STAND ALONE configuration: DOMUS PLUS + M26 (controller) + (your battery / not included) + M22 (STAND ALONE inverter)
D) GRID CONNECTED configuration: DOMUS PLUS + M26 (controller) + (your battery / not included) + M34 (GRID inverter)

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