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What Are the Benefits of Savonius/Vertical Wind Turbines?

What are Savonius wind turbines? Essentially, they are the vertical wind turbines that are becoming more popular for home wind energy. They are not the traditional propeller turbines we are used to. They have a few key differences that make them perfect for generating residential wind energy.

The vertical (or savonius) design has numerous benefits for powering residential areas, such as:

  1. Fewer moving parts, less maintenance over time
  2. They are quieter
  3. Easier to install
  4. Require less space
  5. They are safer
  6. Will spin no matter what direction the wind is blowing

The one major downside is that overall they produce less energy than the standard wind turbine. This is because only one blade is creating torque at a time. However, for residential wind energy the benefits far outweigh this con, I believe. As the wind energy market grows and matures I would expect to see the savonius style of turbine to become the prevailing style powering the market.

Fewer Moving Parts, Less Maintenance Over Time

The unique designs of vertical savonius turbines mean they use less parts. The traditional wind turbine designs are intricate machines and so generally require more maintenance. Over time, this means there is less wear and tear on the turbine. This may not be your number one consideration when deciding which turbine to choose but having the peace of mind is a nice little perk.

They make less noise

One of the best reasons why the savonius design is ideal for the home market is that they are quieter than the standard design.

In a residential area with neighbors, how loud a turbine is often a key point of contention. A silent wind turbine also helps with any required planning permission or zoning requirements. Whilst there many option for quiet or silent turbines the savonius design is inherently quieter.

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They Are Easier To Install

The savonius design is more stable than the standard design, making it easier to install especially on flat areas. So, they are perfect for anyone planning on doing an DIY installation. Likewise if just want to save costs on the price of installation then the savonius turbine route is likely best for you.

They Can be Easily Group Together

If you plan on getting multiple turbines for your property then space becomes a premium .You’ll be glad to hear that the savonius turbines can be grouped close together. This space saving feature could be a huge benefit depending on your property type.

Traditional wind turbines need to be spaced far apart. That is why some wind farms seem to take up vast amounts of space.

The savonius wind turbines can be grouped close together without any loss on efficiency. So it’s possible to have a concentrated array in a small area without any loss of performance. Standard wind turbines can create turbulence which can impact the performance of other windmills around it. However, this doesn’t affect the savonius or darreius style of turbines.

They are safer

Savonius turbines are safer to install and maintain. They have less of an impact on birds. Though this really only applies to large scale turbines, it’s unlikely any residential turbine would have any serious impact on bird. Many are designed to function better in higher winds due to their lower center of gravity.

They will spin no matter what direction the wind is blowing

One of the major disadvantages of the standard wind turbine is it needs to be installed facing the direction of the prevailing winds in that area. If the wind blows in another direction or is swirling around then that turbine won’t spin or won’t spin at full capacity.

The beauty of the savonius turbine is that it win spin no matter what direction the wind is blowing. You just plonk it down whenever suits and if the wind is blowing, then the turbine is spinning. Is great for peace of mind and maintaining a steadier flow of green energy.

Another benefit of this is that it make moving your turbine a much easier prospect.


I think it’s fair to say that the vertical savonius or darreius wind turbine design is the superior design for those seeking to power their home with a wind turbine.

Whilst the design make produce less energy at a given time when compared with the standard turbine, for the residential user of wind turbines the pros will likely produce more energy in the long run.

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